Why is epidemiology important in the study of health and disease in communities

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Why is Epidemiology important?

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History of Cancer Epidemiology

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Epidemiology is considered a basic science of public health. Epidemiology is “the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in a specific populations, and the application of this study to control health problems.” It can also.

· environmental epidemiology, this chapter reviews the scope of this discipline In examining the occurrence of health and disease in human.

Epidemiology and Public Health

populations, researchers often are prohibited from using ex- Epidemiology is important to the study of environmen-tal health problems because (1) many exposures and health modellervefiyatlar.com  · The health of populations depends on many different factors.

Epidemiology is a discipline that has a crucial role in describing health status, identifying risk factors, and analyzing relationships between health and different hazardous modellervefiyatlar.com://modellervefiyatlar.com  · The specialty area of management of health care quality draws heavily on epidemiology because the two have a common goal—improving the health status of the population.

An example is the study of variations (geographic, ethnic, or gender related) in the receipt of health care procedures and their associations with outcome modellervefiyatlar.com://modellervefiyatlar.com Why is epidemiology important in the study of health and disease in communities?

Provide an example from current literature or a news article noting an epidemiologic study NUR (2 Pages | Words) Epidemiology is a health activity that is aimed at protecting and improving the health of a population or community.

· Epidemiology is one important study that primarily identifies factors that pose one’s health at risk for certain diseases. This field of study also aids in determining approaches that can help treat and prevent onset of diseases at an optimal modellervefiyatlar.com://modellervefiyatlar.com

The role of epidemiology in public health. Why is epidemiology important in the study of health and disease in communities
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