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36th International Conference on Critical Thinking

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Involve Learners in the Process-ask question to propel learning forward- students could be filling out a writing conference log to track their progress or you may have them come the their conference prepared with a question they have. (writing across curriculum organizer.

Think Simple to Start-How Can I get students writing? Add more ideas. Other conferences at which CWAC faculty and students have presented their research include the Conference of College Composition and Communication, the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, and the Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference.

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Office of University Writing at Auburn University invites proposals for the 25th anniversary of the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference to be held at Auburn University on JuneTo say that work in education too often happens in siloes is to state the obvious.

Develops plans that are clear logical, sequential, and integrated across the curriculum (e.g. long-term goals, lesson plans, and syllabi) Northern Nevada Writing Project’s Writing Across the Curriculum Guide ( Edition) Available through Teaching That Makes Sense.

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The Eighth Writing Across the Curriculum Conference will be held in “The Eighth International Conference on WAC” May- Clemson, South Carolina Clemson University.

The Seventh Writing Across the Curriculum Conference -

Ttms writing across the curriculum conference
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