The sympathetic character

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Sympathetic character

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Sympathetic character

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An unsympathetic character is one who remains elusive and unengaging to the reader.

Character types

It’s not that the character is unlikeable. Unlikeable is fine, and often—as with everything from Lionel Shriver’s mother of a serial killer in We Need to Talk About Kevin to Shakespeare’s Richard III—the entire point.

A sympathetic character is a fictional character in a story whom the writer expects the reader to identify with and care about, if not necessarily admire. Protagonists, almost by definition, fit into the category of a sympathetic character; so, however, do many supporting characters and even villains.

See also. 5 Reasons Why Sir Thomas Sharpe Is the Most Sympathetic Character in 'Crimson Peak' by Karina Thyra 8 months ago in movie Guillermo Del Toro's gothic romance film Crimson Peak is nothing short of beautiful. Get an answer for 'The Catcher in the RyeIs Holden a sympathetic character?

In other words, do you sympathize with him? Why, or why not?' and find homework help for other The Catcher in the Rye. Neutral characters are neither sympathetic not sympathetic, although we may feel some sympathy for them, trapped as they are in the duty of their roles.

Guardians They allow the hero past only when some task is completed, whether it is to answer a riddle, complete a task or fight the guardian.


Creating Sympathetic Characters, Part I I am working on characters in my VNovel. Apparently, I generate initial sympathy for my protag, but at some point, the reader loses the connection to him.

The sympathetic character
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