The stereotypical questions for my substitute teacher a caucasian converted to muslim

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The Men We Should Not Marry

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The struggle to be British: my life as a second-class citizen

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I knew this from run-ins with the Nation of Islam [an African-American nationalist and spiritual movement]. The first four themes (Endorsing Religious Stereotypes, Pathology of the Muslim Religion, Assumption of Religious Homogeneity, and Exoticization) support those proposed by Nadal, Issa, and colleagues’ () religious microaggression taxonomy.

From Bride to Wife: The Women of Patriarchal Muslim Men

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Some of the white working-class kids I grew up with converted to Islam. Daniel became Yusef and Emma became Khadija. Before I knew it, they were giving me advice about how Muslims should behave.

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The stereotypical questions for my substitute teacher a caucasian converted to muslim
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