The relationship between handwriting and your personality

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Handwriting Analysis is the study of relationship between handwriting and personality. Know what your handwriting says about you. [PDF] Used Jaguar S-Type, Buyer's Guide: - What does your handwriting say about you?


a new Your handwriting can reveal key personality traits. See what yours are with a new infographic by. 6 Things your Voice can Reveal About Personality and Health Personality and health go hand in hand; both cannot be revealed only by your physical appearance but also from your voice.

The emotions and feelings can be known by your way of talking or from the tone of your voice. The strokes in your handwriting, the shape that the letters form, the spaces between your letters, all this can help diagnose a health condition, business compatibility, and even marital compatibility.

While a person’s handwriting can reveal a lot about their personality, it can also say a lot about the person’s love style and it can provide answers to all their relationship problems. Below is a handwriting guide that will help you to find out all about your love life and why it is that way.

The Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis discusses the relationship between different personality types, their brain organization, and their handwriting-including examples of the link between handwriting and various illnesses and disorders, from dyslexia and epilepsy to stroke and coma.

Handwriting affects our personality, our thought process and brings out our talents, or deep layered fears and study even shows that changing the handwriting has profound effect on the personality, also known as Grapho Therapy.

Why do we all have different penmanship? The relationship between handwriting and your personality
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Partnering Type with Graphology - Personality Type in Depth