The portuguese explorers ferdinand magellan

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List of maritime explorers

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Famous European Explorers

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Ferdinand Magellan (1480 - 1521)

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Famous European Explorers

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- Italian, Marco Polo - Venetian, Leif Ericsson Tenth Century A.D. - Norseman, Ibn Batuta - Arab, Francis Xavier - Spanish, Christopher Columbus - Italian employed by Spain, Vasco da Gama c.

- Portuguese, Ferdinand Magellan - Portuguese.

Famous Explorers

The following is a list of common names, countries of origin (modern and former), centuries when they were active and main areas of exploration are listed below. Synopsis. Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal, circa As a boy, he studied mapmaking and navigation. By his mids, he was sailing in large fleets and was engaged in combat.

There are many people throughout history who had the spirit of an adventurer and decided to explore the unknown. In some cases, they risked their lives to make their contributions recognized by the world.

From Columbus' discovery of the Americas to Hillary's quest up Mount Everest, the names of these great pioneers. In search of fame and fortune, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (c.

) set out from Spain in with a fleet of five ships to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. En.

The portuguese explorers ferdinand magellan
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