The outbreak and spread of the asian cholera in great britain in 1831

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The first cholera epidemic in Britain began in Sunderland in October By January it had spread north to Edinburgh and south as far as London. Additionally, there have been many documented cholera outbreaks, such as a outbreak in South America and, more recently, the –18 Yemen cholera outbreak.

1826–1837 cholera pandemic

Although much is known about the mechanisms behind the spread of cholera, this has not led to a full understanding of what makes cholera outbreaks happen in some. Untilcholera was a disease limited to South Asia. The first cholera epidemic remained contained in eastern Asia until However, in a second Asian pandemic began and cholera was carried by Russian troops into Poland in In recent years, new pathogenic variants of V.

cholerae have emerged and spread throughout many Asian and African countries with corresponding cryptic changes in the epidemiology of cholera. The third cholera pandemic (–60) was the third major outbreak of cholera originating in India in the nineteenth century that reached far beyond its borders.

In Russia, more than one million people died of cholera. In –54, the epidemic in London claimed over 10, lives, and there were 23, deaths for all of Great Britain.

The 1832 cholera epidemic in East London

The second cholera pandemic (–), also known as the Asiatic Cholera Pandemic, was a cholera pandemic that reached from India across western Asia to Europe, Great Britain and the Americas, as well as east to China and Japan.

The outbreak and spread of the asian cholera in great britain in 1831
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