The nature of lobbying

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vital statistics on interest groups and lobbying

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Board of Ethics cites lobbying groups linked to Philly soda tax push

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The Nature of Lobbying and Regulation in Turkey

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One of the benefits (and drawbacks) of federalism is that the system multiplies the points of access to decision-making venues. This means that lobbying can go on at several levels. The advantage of this type of system is that it opens government up to a greater diversity of views on public policies.



A comprehensive guide to the reporting obligations outlined in Legislative – Expenses valued at more than $75 must be itemized – reporting the payee, the nature of the expense, and the value.

4). Regulating Lobbying: A Global Comparison. This book is concerned about comparing how lobby/interest groups are formally regulated throughout the world and the impact this has had, something which is a significant, if not surprising, omission in the literature. “ In this fascinating monograph, Scott Kennedy explores the nature of state–society relations through the lens of business lobbying.

He begins his work by criticizing existing approaches in comparative politics, which often try to fit various countries into a few standard. FPPC chair Jodi Remke has called this the “first step” in cracking down on “shadow lobbying,” and has indicated that the agency intends to focus on lobbying compliance in the coming year.

California lobbying law recognizes two types of lobbyists: in-house lobbyists, who lobby on behalf of their employer, and contract lobbyists, who lobby for a client.

The findings indicate that lobbying success indeed varies with the issue context, depending on the relative size of lobbying coalitions and the salience of policy issues, whereas individual group characteristics do not exhibit any systematic effect.

The nature of lobbying
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