The marching 97 issue at the lehigh university

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Marching 97

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likes. Musician/Band. Lehigh University Marching 1K likes. The Marching 97 is the marching band of Lehigh University - with its leg-liftery and song-singery, the band has. With a formal ceremony and two rousing performances, it was official: The Marching 97 will have the honor of marching in the New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) in London, England.

Former Lord Mayor Catherine Longworth of the City of Westminster visited campus Monday to formally invite the band to the parade. Asa Packer was Lehigh University's founder.

Lehigh Engineering Candidates’ Day!

His name resonates throughout campus, from Asa Packer Campus to Packer Memorial Church. He is the man that all Lehigh students can thank for this. Lehigh Marching 97 Booster Club shared Lehigh University Marching 97's post. · December 31, · Follow the Band's adventure in London on their Facebook page, some of which is also shared here.

The Marching 97, Lehigh's marching band, was invited by the Lord Mayor of Westminster to perform at the London New Year's Day Parade.

The marching 97 issue at the lehigh university
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