The healthcare workforce

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Health Care Workforce

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Rural Health Information Hub

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The HCWC collects and provides data on the healthcare workforce, makes recommendations for policies and practices that strengthen the healthcare workforce, and administers programs which address health workforce shortages and support health providers.

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Health Care Reform Implementation Council Workforce Workgroup recently released its report with recommendations on how to increase the number of providers in Illinois available to provide health care to more consumers generated.

Mercer’s team of healthcare industry experts delivers the analytic insights and solutions that healthcare providers need to build an agile, future-ready workforce, enabling them to deliver quality care and satisfaction for patients in their communities.

Office for Healthcare Workforce. The South Carolina Office for Healthcare Workforce supports effective workforce planning efforts throughout the state by studying the issues that affect the available supply of healthcare providers.

The foundation of the health care delivery system is its workforce, including the million registered nurses (RNs) who provide health care services in countless settings.

The SC Office for Healthcare Workforce publishes a variety of reports, fact sheets and policy briefs based on their research focused on South Carolina health professions education, workforce supply trends, and occupation demand forecasts.

The healthcare workforce
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