The end of child labor the improvement of working conditions and victory to the women suffrage durin

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Child Labor Working Conditions

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To End Child Labor and Forced Labor, Knowledge is Power

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Victorian Child Labor was the norm in the ’s. There was no such thing as Child Protective services like we have today. There were laws that were passed over a period of several decades that slightly improved the working conditions and treatment of children.

Jan 30,  · Shows child labor during the industrial revolution and how it affected families. Video from Most Common Text: Click on the icon to return to and to enjoy and benefit.

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The war was hardly over, it was Februarythe IWW leadership was in jail, but the IWW idea of the general strike became reality for five days in Seattle, Washington, when a walkout ofworking people brought the city to a halt. Each year, an estimated million of healthy years are lost because of hazardous child labor working conditions.

Aside from the health risks, child labor stunts the social and educational development of. Co-founded the National Women's Suffrage Association with Susan B.

Anthony in Carrie Chapman Cat () A suffragette who was president of the National Women's Suffrage Association, and founder of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

The end of child labor the improvement of working conditions and victory to the women suffrage durin
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