The effects of leader and follower

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The leader-follower style, sometimes called the telling style of leadership, also fails to provide workers with opportunities to explore alternative solutions to. The Leadership Quarterly 13 () – The effects of leader and follower emotional intelligence on performance and attitude: An exploratory study.

The Effect of Leader-Follower Agreement on Team Effectiveness

LEADER EFFECTS ON FOLLOWER TOXIC BEHAVIOR 2 Abstract Toxic behavior is a threat to mission readiness. The authors described and tested a psychological process in which ethical leadership influences subordinate toxic behavior indirectly.

Good leadership skills combine elements of personal skills (character and self-esteem), relationship skills (conflict resolution and cooperation) and other project skills (organization and problem-solving.) Therefore strengthening these skills will undoubtedly make us a better leader, should the need arise.

IntroductionEmotional intelligence (EI) is an emerging topic for psychological, educational, and management researchers and consultants (see, e.g., Shapiro,Weisinger, ).Many organizations have sent their employees to various EI training courses offered by.

The Meaning & Impact of the Leader-Follower Theory as It Relates to Management & the Workplace

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The effects of leader and follower
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Be A Leader - Not A Follower