The effect of obesity

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Obesity and Age

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When Being Overweight Is a Health Problem

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Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. As a result, children are at increased risk for myriad preventable acute and chronic medical problems—many of which are associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

In addition, childhood obesity has serious. Obesity is very complex and not just a simple problem of willpower or self-control. In general, it results from a combination of eating too much, getting too little physical activity, and genetics.

Overweight or obesity occurs when, over time, the body takes in more calories than it burns.

The Profound Effects of Obesity

Obesity is an important issue that modern society is facing due to the health problems that it causes to individuals which in avertedly affects society. In this issue of The Medical Journal of Australia, the role of exercise in maintaining health from childhood, adolescence period.

Obesity in Teens What is obesity in teens? Obesity is when a teen has too much body fat. Obesity is a serious, long-term disease. Some endocrine disorders, diseases, and medicines may also have a strong effect on a child’s weight.

Which teens are at risk for obesity?

Adult Obesity Facts

Things that may put your teen at risk for obesity are. Medications should be considered helpful adjuncts to diet and exercise for patients whose health risk from obesity clearly outweigh the potential side effects of the medications.

Medications should be prescribed by doctors familiar with the patients' conditions and with the use of the medications.

The effect of obesity
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The Obesity Impact on Society