The different dining experiences and the cuisines from around the world

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Top 20 Favorite Types of Cuisine

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This is the most delicious cuisine in the world according to CNN. Rendang is in first place as the most delicious cuisines in the world.

Nasi Goreng followed, also from Indonesia. Discovering new cuisines offers insight into the flora and fauna common in different areas of the world.

Learning About Other Cultures Through Food

Veggies and fruits, spices and herbs, and seafood and meats vary widely in ethnic dishes. Family style dining, also known as casual style dining in the United States, offers moderately priced entrees from menus featuring a mix of classics cuisines, individualized with signature sauces, dips or other toppings.

Causal style dining can be any number of themes, from barbecue (Long Horns) to Americana (Ruby Tuesday’s) to Mexican (On the Border). Food around the world. North African.

Wrap your tastebuds around a traditional tagine or make your couscous sing with exotic flavours. Explore Eastern Europe through its different cuisines.

• Korean Cuisine Most of the Asian world food comprises of rice dishes, and Korean cuisine is no different. In Korean rice is served with meat, vegetables and seafood. The most common dish is kimchi, and for many families it is served at every meal.

Kimchi is cabbage mixed with spices or vinegar, put in clay pots, and allowed to ferment. Home» Dining Tips» Dining Around the World As the international community turns its attention to the Summer Olympics in London, it’s exciting to see and learn more about different cultures across the world.

The different dining experiences and the cuisines from around the world
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40 World Cuisines - How many different cuisines have you tried?