The art deco studio concept

So Your Style Is: Art Deco

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Art Deco – A Revolution of Design & Style for the Modern Age

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Proper by Marcel Duchampdescribed in an hour in The Independent as the invention of dubious art. Art Deco works are symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, often simple, and pleasing to the eye. This style is in contrast to avant-garde art of the period, which challenged everyday viewers to find meaning and beauty in what were often unapologetically anti-traditional images and forms.


Designer Stencils has been designing and manufacturing Home Decor stencils since From walls to floors, fabric to paper, you'll find stencils to suit most any project. We can custom cut most of our designs for a nominal fee.

The Art of God of War

we developed a line of food grade stencils for culinary uses. Art Deco is a distinctively ornate style that originated in France before rising to international popularity in the s through the s.

How to Use Art Deco in Your Interior

Yet its elaborate aesthetic continues to influence contemporary design and architecture – the sharp geometric patterns, the love of bold color, and the emphasis on modern manufacturing and technology haven't gone anywhere. Pioneering and award winning typographic design, illustration and art direction by Craig Ward.

Shed again collaborated with Harrods, with the re-design of the toy department, and the result is the Toy Kingdom. The opportunity was for Shed to create a retail attraction and destination for toys, whilst offering unique experiences for visitors young and old.

Conceptual art

Approaching interior design, Studio Marco Piva believes the designer’s fundamental objective must be to configure spaces that are as close as possible to man’s needs – ambiences of various types and with various functions, but where it is always possible to achieve a high degree of wellbeing, involving both the body and the mind.

The art deco studio concept
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2 Beautiful Home Interiors In Art Deco Style