Supercritical fluid dyeing in the textile

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In light of environmental concerns, the textile industry has accelerated efforts to reduce or eliminate water consumption in all areas of yarn preparation, dyeing, and finishing.

Supercritical fluid dyeing technology has the potential to accomplish this objective in many commercial textile applications around the world, both at present and in the future around the world.

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Conclusion. Whilst other techniques have been evaluated, including processes such as solvent dyeing, to achieve so-called ‘waterless’ dyeing operations, this review indicates that the most promising technique currently available is that based on supercritical carbon dioxide.

Elimination of the water process and chemicals will be a real and significant advance for the textile dyeing industry. This new process utilizes by-product carbon dioxide (CO 2) for dyeing textile-materials. It is a completely waterless dyeing process using recycled carbon dioxide in certain temperature and pressure.

The use of supercritical CO 2 in textile dyeing is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative. Instead of using an aqueous or solvent solution to "take-up" the dye, supercritical CO 2 is used.

Supercritical fluid dyeing in the textile
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