Lifestyle of the puritans

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3d. Puritan Life

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Puritan Facts About Daily Life

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Who were the Puritans?

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Puritan Facts About Daily Life

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In fact, Harvard College was founded in by Puritans, primarily to educate the ministry. Children were required by law to attend school. The Puritans traveled to America to escape religious persecution.

The Puritan Lifestyle in the 1600s

Learn more about what daily life was like as a Puritan living in colonial times. The large number of people who ascribed to the lifestyle of the Puritans did much to firmly establish a presence on American soil.

3d. Puritan Life

Bound together, they established a community that maintained a healthy economy, established a school system, and focused an efficient eye on political concerns.

Diet & Lifestyle supplements give you the support you need to achieve your dieting goals. Complement your reduced-calorie diet & daily exercise plan with weight. Puritans wanted their children to be able to read the Bible, of course.

Massachusetts Bay Colony was a man's world. Women did not participate in town meetings and. Puritans became noted in the 17th century for a spirit of moral and religious earnestness that informed their whole way of life, and they sought through church reform to make their lifestyle .

Lifestyle of the puritans
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What was puritan life like