Label the bar model write a number sentence

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Label the bar model. Write an equation. Use u for the unknown. Draw a bar model you could use to compare the number of cans each boy collected. 2 ook at the model you drew in problem 1L.

Write 60 esson 6 Multiplication and Division in Word Problems Curriculum Associates C Copying is not permitted.

Use a bar model to write and solve equations

Ask: What is the total number of squares in the array? Students will probably skip count by 2 to find the answer, Ask: What multiplication sentence describes the array?

Have a volunteer write the multiplication sentence on the board and label the numbers. After drawing and shading the bar model, write a repeated addition sentence (i.e.

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 10) and explain that since ⅙ of 12 is 2, and ⅚ are shaded, we need to add five parts, or sixths, to find the answer. Name Problem Solving ' Subtraction Label the bar model.

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Write a number sentence with a for the missing number. Solve. PROBLEM SOLVING Lesson 5.q.

Label the bar model write a number sentence
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