Gothic not ideal form in the

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Goth / Goths / Gothics

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Gothic Revival architecture

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Gothic art

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These are examples of famous Gothic poems written by well-known modern and classical poets.


PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous gothic poems. These examples illustrate what a famous gothic poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'gothic'.

Ideas for Writing Gothic Short Stories

German Gothic Architecture. The heavenward urge of this new form of Christian art contrasted sharply with the massive, earthbound motifs of Romanesque structures.

The round arch, an expression of closed, self-contained movement, was replaced by the pointed arch, a symbol of the surge upward, the striving towards an unattainable goal.

Gothic is the term generally used to denote the style of architecture, sculpture, and painting that developed from the Romanesque during the 12th century and became predominant in Europe by the middle of the 13th century. A___ image is built up of tiny pieces, or tiles, of colored stone, ceramic, or glass, all fitted together in an intricate puzzle to form the desired pattern or picture.

Moslem The __ faith forbids visual representations of Allah, and therefore consists of decorative motifs, and geometric or organic patterns.

Gothic architecture began at the Basilica of Saint Denis near Paris, and the Cathedral of Sens in and ended with a last flourish in the early 16th century with buildings like Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster.

However, Gothic architecture did not die out completely in the 16th century but instead lingered in on-going cathedral-building projects; at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and.

Gothic not ideal form in the
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Who Makes the Nazis?: Far-Right Tendencies in the Wave and Gothic Scene