Cheating in the classrooms

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The Effects on Students Who Get Caught Cheating in College

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8 Ways to Prevent Cheating

As the internet makes cheating easier than ever and the college environment becomes more competitive, how can cheating be stopped?

Tightening the rules on classroom behavior during exams seems like the most obvious and readily available solution. Cheating may be greatly minimized by using the following procedures: Number seats and tests and then assign students to sit in the seat with the same number as the number on their test.

Systematically hand out alternative forms, taking into account students sitting laterally as well as those sitting in front and in back of each other. This is a type of cheating that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional classroom.

High-Tech Cheating On The Rise At Schools

So the question is this: does the online classroom make cheating easier? And are. Besides, Seeman says, if cheaters get away with cheating -- and get higher grades because they cheat -- that sends a de-motivating message to the hard-working students in your classroom.

Included: Seeman offers easy-to-apply advice for preventing cheating plus tips on dealing with cheating if it does happen.

Cellphones and Cheating

Cheating has become commonplace in high schools, largely because students are using technology to gather and share information in rather innovation ways. Since students are a little more tech-savvy than many adults, grownups are always playing catch-up when it comes to finding out what students are up to.

Cheating in the classrooms
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