Alias name

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Differences between the A, CNAME, ALIAS and URL records

Among authors of other historical or humorous romances and tales. Nov 26,  · So we have several SQL Servers. Some clusters, some not. Some of these boxes have DNS aliases associated with them, so pointing to more than one host name gets you to the same place. I don't like "[email protected]" because more than "info" people are asking for some kind of support or help.

Info gives the impression that they're doing some great service by just spewing more data rather than provide customer-specific assistance. Fun Facts about the name Alias. How Popular is the name Alias? Alias is the 14, th most popular name of all a last name Alias was the 62, th most popular name in ; How many people with the first name Alias have been born in the United States?

an assumed name; another name · otherwise named: Bell alias Jones · (1) An alternate name used for identification, such as for naming a field or a file. See CNAME record and e-mail alias.

(2) In the Mac, an alias is an icon that points to a program or data file. Aliases can be placed on the desktop or stored in other folders, and double clicking the. a·li·as (ā′lē-əs, āl′yəs) n. 1. An assumed name: The swindler worked under various aliases.

Alias names

2. Computers An alternate name or address, especially an email address that forwards incoming email to another address. 3. Electronics A false signal in telecommunication links from beats between signal frequency and sampling frequency.

adv. Also known.

Alias name
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