According to kundera the joke is

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75 Top Quotes By Milan Kundera, The Author Of The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

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Milan Kundera

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The Joke Summary

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The Joke Still Plays

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Kundera officers himself a writer without a time. The Joke is a historical novel by Milan Kundera. The protagonist, Ludvik, while in his youth is smitten with a fellow student named Marketa. Feeling a lack of self-assurance, Ludvik uses sarcastic. The Joke (Czech: Žert) is Milan Kundera's first novel, originally published in The novel is composed of many jokes, which have strong effects on the characters.

The story is told from the four viewpoints of Ludvik Jahn, Helena Zemánková, Kostka, and Jaroslav.4/5.

The Joke Quotes (showing of ) “I was not a hypocrite, with one real face and several false ones. I had several faces because I was young and didn't know who I was or wanted to be.” ― Milan Kundera, The Joke.

tags: forgetting, forgiving. likes. According to Kundera, The Joke is no more a historical or political novel than any of his other novels. Scholars of Czech literature and history, however, maintain.

The lyrical age, according to Kundera, is youth, and this novel, above all, is an epic of adolescence; an ironic epic that tenderly erodes sacrosanct values: childhood, motherhood, revolution, and even poetry.

In the very first part of The Joke, Kundera begins setting up character types using contrasting religious affiliations. Kostka is the most obvious and continuous religious reference.

He not only adheres to Christianity, but to Communism as well.5/5(5).

According to kundera the joke is
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