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J. Malcolm Garcia

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A Product of This Town. By Garcia, J. Malcolm. Read preview. Article excerpt.

A Product of This Town: Jena, Louisiana-January 2008

tHE LOOP. Outsiders, all of you. Your presence here a judgment on us. It was worst last September, when thousands of you descended with the indignation of embittered preachers. Businesses shut down. People stayed home behind locked modellervefiyatlar.com: J.

Malcolm Garcia. Oct 23,  · “A Product of This Town” was a piece that detailed the events surrounding and unfolding from a single event in Jena, which caused a hoard of people to descend on the small town. It starts out detailing how the town was a simple town and the thing to do on Saturdays was to drive the “Loop” through the town and just hang out with your friends no matter what their gender or race.

J. Malcolm Garcia is a regular contributor to VQR and the author of The Kharagee: A Chronicle of Friendship and War in Kabul. His essays from VQR have been anthologized in Best American Nonrequired Reading and Best American Travel Writing.

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A product of this town garcia
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