A lesson learnt the hard way

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10 Surprising Skills Kids Learn Through Coding

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Guitar But Were Afraid To Ask!

Some of the most important lessons in life are those we learn the hard way. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of advice around, but somehow we always feel that there will be time ‘later’ or that we will be the exception.

learn (something) the hard way To learn or discover something through personal experience, especially that which is difficult, painful, or unpleasant. Starting your own business is really tough. I had to learn that the hard way. Everyone will tell you that becoming a parent is challenging, but you never really know what that means until you learn.

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Persian Lesson 10 – Review, Subjective Pronouns

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This is the second post (and video lesson) of a three part ukulele fingerpicking blues lesson series. For the first lesson, I introduced the structure of the bar blues. Get that lesson here. Stay tuned in a couple days for part three. Now that we've learned the bar blues on ukulele, it's time to learn a couple fingerpicking patterns that we can use with this form.

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7 Important Life Lessons Everyone Learns the Hard Way

Overall theme: prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Lesson one: don’t take anything personally unless it is specifically directed at you.

A lesson learnt the hard way
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