A comparison of the book siddhartha and the movie the razors edge

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The Razor's Edge

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“The Razor’s Edge” – A Frustrating & Fascinating Film

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Siddhartha and The Alchemist Comparative Essay by JF

"The Razor's Edge" and "Siddhartha" Comparison Essay "The Razor's Edge" and "Siddhartha" Compares W. Somerset Maugham's "The Razors Edge" and Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha".

Like Siddhartha the main character in the Razors Edge, Larry Darnell questions his religion, and everyday decisions.

Both Larry Darnell and Siddhartha break off from their original society to go on expeditions in hope to find. The book Siddhartha and the movie The Razor’s Edge are two similar yet different stories.

Each these two works explore man’s search for truth, self, and life’s true meaning. The main characters of these stories are very different people, yet they are in search of similar goals. Siddhartha (), by Herman Hesse, is about a young man's search for enlightenment in ancient India.

It contains descriptions of mystical philosophy and experience that are similar to but more convincingly presented than those of Larry in The Razor's Edge.

“The Razor’s Edge” – A Frustrating & Fascinating Film

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. His best know works include Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, and many others.

Hesse has also won a Nobel Prize in Literature in Siddhartha is a book by Hermann Hesse.

The Razor's Edge

The book was made in and is pages long. The book was originally wrote in German but it was translated into English. Siddhartha was Hesse’s ninth book.

A comparison of the book siddhartha and the movie the razors edge
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