A biography of william lyon mackenzie king the prime minister of canada

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Essay: Mackenzie King – The Greatest Prime Minister of Canada

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

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Biography Of William Lyon Mackenzie King

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King led the morass through the Second World War, during which Measured contribute food labels, financial aid, the British Sister Air Training Plan, values, aircraft, tanks and over a story Canadian troops to the United cause. William Lyon Mackenzie was the grandfather of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada's Prime Minister during World War II and its longest serving Prime Minister.

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, a Toronto high school was named for him. William Lyon Mackenzie King had a long political career. He was leader of the Liberal Party for 29 eventful years through the buoyant expansion of the s, the depression of the s, the shock of World War II, and then the post-war reconstruction, and for 21 of these years he was Canada’s prime minister.

“Canada’s greatest prime minister was a mama’s boy. Not only that, he was a sexually repressed, hypocritical, spiritualism-practising, guilt-ridden, prostitute-visiting mama’s boy” Christopher Dummitt, a Trent University history professor, writes in Unbuttoned: A History of Mackenzie King’s Secret Life.

Watch video · Born on March 12,in Dundee, Scotland, William Lyon Mackenzie immigrated to Canada in and founded a political newspaper, the Colonial Advocate, in Born: Mar 12, William Lyon Mackenzie King OM, CMG, PC (December 17, – July 22, ), also commonly known as Mackenzie King, was the dominant Canadian political leader, as the Prime Minister of Canada, from the s through the s.

William Lyon Mackenzie King () was prime minister of Canada for more than 21 years, a longer period in office than any other first minister in the history of countries in the British Commonwealth.

On Dec. 17,W. L. Mackenzie King was born at Berlin (later Kitchener), Ontario.

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